Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Rationally Irrational

Well Tabloid Watch takes a pop at Richard Desmond for this new 'Health Lottery', but I'm mainly delighted to have yet another reason to hate Eamonn Holmes.

Of course, it's fairly pathetic to see Desmond constantly using his 'news'papers to hawk whatever other shit he's selling (Channel 5, shonky lotteries, timeshare apartments in Cleethorpes?), but if people are dumb enough to fall for it them he'll be smart enough to keep doing it. Alas, Mr Tabloid Watch, you're pissing in the wind.

But, oh... that smug self-important windbag Holmes, whoring himself out to this rather unsavoury cause*, how I love to hate him. Look at his face, LOOK AT IT, how much do you want to punch him already.. and he's not even said anything mind-alteringly egotistical yet.

*of course, I've little time at all for those who complain about how much goes to 'good causes' from these things. Anyone who enters a lottery, be it the 'National Lottery' or the 'Eamonn Holmes is an Annoying Twat Lottery', because of a love for 'good causes' is an idiot. If they were not an idiot, they'd forgo the minuscule odds of winning some proper money and give the whole quid to their chosen good cause. As it is, lottery participants are lottery participants because they want to win some money, so the only figure they should be interested in is the percentage of the ticket price that goes into the prize fund. The money that Richard Desmond pays over to the 'good causes' would be better labelled 'marketing costs'.

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