Tuesday, 20 September 2011


Who am I, and what does it all mean?

I've recently decided, or realised, that I'm a liberal marxist or, perhaps, a left communist. I've got there through a process of elimination, rather than by choice or design.. and it might not be the right answer, I've still got to do all the reading.

So, what do I believe in? Or, perhaps pertinently, what do I not believe in?

Well I don't believe in 'The State', I think it's big and ugly and wholly incapable of meeting the needs of a diverse society, even where it wants to. Sadly, I don't really believe that it even wants to.. there are too many 'people' involved, and they ruin everything.

Nor do I believe in 'The Market', for much the same reasons.

I believe that most people are inherently self-interested. That is nature. It seems odd that so many on 'the left' espouse Darwinism, yet seem to then reject the idea that a people who have come to be through natural selection will generally put themselves and their families above others. It's nothing to be ashamed of.

I'm very critical of 'the left' where they seek to control and regulate human behaviour and where they have a tendancy to believe that they know best how people should live their lives. I'm critical of 'the right' for a belief that we are all equally equipped to make rational decisions in our own lives that will all accumulate to deliver a prosperous utopia.

Let us speak frankly, I am critical of anyone who takes a political position and follows the dogma instead of looking at the facts and the outcomes. I am critical of the way that people twist things to their own agendas and seek to create and perpetuate ignorance because it suits their perspective. Perhaps this seems obvious, it IS obvious.. but the more attention I pay to political journalism and bloganalism the more I see that this kind of thing is the norm. How come so many people can see Richard Littlejohn for the disingenuous fraud that he is, but can't see that Johann Hari is the other side of the same coin? How come so many people can't see that politics is dominated by a very narrow group of people with a very narrow range of opinions and that the theater they all put on is a sham battle of irrelevant and phony differences when they all fundamentally subscribe to the same core idea which is that they're in charge and they know best? We live in a profoundly inequitable world, and it's been a collaboration of mainstream left and right politics that has gotten us here, not a contest.

This is sub-sixth-form bollocks so, for now, I'm going to stop. Nobody is reading it anyway.

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